Applying as a new member

Membership of the BCSG is open to anyone, although to be accepted there are qualifying standards.

If you have been carp fishing for at least 15 years, can demonstrate angling success on a number of waters and are interested in joining the BCSG then please submit the form below. Once submitted all applications are then reviewed by the regional organiser(s) for your area. You may be invited to attend an interview and to provide photos to support your application. Please note for overseas applications you may still be required to attend an interview in the UK.

Part 1 - Your details

Part 2 - Details of your carp fishing experience

Part 3 - Details of your captures

Numbers and/or sizes of carp caught is not the sole influencing factor in your acceptance, but it is expected that potential B.C.S.G. members would be considered successful within the parameters of their chosen fishing environment.

Part 4 - Contributions to angling

Part 5 - Conduct

It is our intention that the B.C.S.G. should represent carp fishing at its best especially in the conduct of its members.

Part 6 - Additional information

(minimum 300 words) *

If any present B.C.S.G. members are willing to support your application please provide their details below (please ensure you have their approval). The members must be able to support the information provided on this form and references will be checked. If you do not know any B.C.S.G. members who will support your application please leave these fields blank.

Please verify your application by answering the question below: (Hint: see top of page)

We wish you a successful application and look forward to you becoming a member of the B.C.S.G. Your first year as a member is probationary dependent on you providing an article for The Carp magazine and attending regional meetings.

Please note that B.C.S.G. membership details are held on a computer for administration purposes. Completion of the form indicates your acceptance to the inclusion of your details.

British Carp Study Group

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